Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Human.
Define YOUR life well-loved.

Hi, I’m Rosemarie.

I am a life and leadership coach, well-being educator, and chronic illness advocate focused on transforming how we view a life worth living… what I call a life well-loved.

My core belief is that we all need a container of safety, a compassionate space where we can cultivate curiosity, value diverse perspectives while honoring our joy and pain, and make crucial conversations the norm. It is in this state that humankind has true capacity for lasting change.

The pandemic brought a reckoning across generations of getting clarity around self, aligning with personal values, and nurturing a life around what really matters. Sound familiar?

You belong here.

I will partner with you. Challenge you. Guide you.


Are you seeking a life well-loved?

Look no further. Join me in this work grounded in joyful curiosity, truth, kindness, and imperfection.


Life & Leadership Coaching




Self-Paced Learning


Chronic Illness Support

Partnering with me is an investment in you, and the difference you know you can make.

Drawing from more than 15 years of experience developing leaders, I excel at leaning into crucial conversations and providing a safe environment for diverse perspectives to be valued.

Rosemarie’s Clients: