I work where growth and transformation converge

Hi, I’m Rosemarie. I’m a difference-maker, like you.

To thrive in today’s world, leaders must navigate ambiguity more than ever before. Customers, shareholders, and donors alike expect accountability, integrity, and commitment to things that matter to them and the world at large. Leaning in during transition and building resiliency are no longer nice-to-haves, they are critical.

I am a leadership coach and organization development consultant working with individuals, businesses, and mission-driven organizations. If you desire clarity and meaningful change but don’t know where to start, I can help. This work is an art, based in science. It is the road less traveled, but the destination is within reach when you commit to discovering your individual and collective best.

I will partner with you. Challenge you. Guide you.

Ready to explore? Let’s connect! The view from the summit is worth the climb.


Whom I serve...

Individuals Seeking Growth

You are in transition. You desire clarity. You want to strengthen your leadership skills. You are ready to define your ideal self.

Through coaching we will define your personal vision, acknowledge and leverage strengths explore blind spots, tap into the answers inside you, and develop the skills you need to transform.


Large & Small Businesses

You must adapt to the future…today. You want real, sustainable change. You need your people with you.

We will engage in purposeful dialogue that allows you to see your organization clearly. Harnessing diverse thought and wisdom will drive systemic change and true transformation.


Mission-based Organizations

You want a stronger connection with the communities you serve. You’re ready to challenge the status quo and achieve greater impact.

We will collaborate with stakeholders at all levels and take an honest look at your vision, and values. We will co-create solutions that drive change and support your mission.

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