Organizational Development Consulting

A path to sustained change

If you're experiencing...

…manage economic impact in a clear, kind, and human way.
…create a path for smoother transition with an assimilation plan and coaching.
…create a foundation to scale.
…define your shared vision and create common language.
…find out why and learn how to change, reinforce and refresh.
…introduce positive disruption.
…proactively explore possibilities and determine critical stop/start/continue activities.
…build change leadership capacity and capability.
…refocus on your vision, mission and values.

...then you've come to the right place!

The Process

Our work together begins here. We start with a deep dive into the foundation of your organization – your beliefs, values, and identity of the individuals who make up the whole of the group.

I get to the heart of your organization. I look beyond symptoms; I listen for what you want and need, collecting stories at all levels.

The outcome of our work? A clear understanding of exactly what is needed to reach your desired destination.

Discovery helped us define where we want to go; strategy is the map to get us there.

Clarity and refinement around vision, mission, and values are crucial; they guide the strategy.

During this dynamic phase we engage leaders at all levels to discuss and decide on the who, what, and how to align the current organizational self to the desired self. We prioritize actions and turn problems into solutions.

We’ve now determined what is changing, and how. Together we work to develop your organization’s capabilities, deepen the transformation that is possible over time, and equip you to lead the change.

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